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Professional Real Estate Agency of Myanmar’s Factory Area

We are group companies based in Myanmar and Japan and we run real estate business with a license and experiences.

Driven by the huge demand and inquiry by both local and foreign company trying to search for the space for their factory to open and move, we have decided to put factory information in one place to benefit both of our customers and potential customers.

Information that we have here on our website is still limited and we have much more to offer. If you have any question or request, please contact us freely.

Website for Customer as well as a system for Realtors

With our website eainlolar.com and a system for realtor and broker, we gather and share information about Myanmar’s real estate information. We will be happy to find you a new office and house as you request. Please request us anything related to real estate.

Setting Up Booth in Event for Branding

I participated in the xxx event at xxx xxx and is also known to the local real estate industry officials in Myanmar.

Licensed Realtor

As you may know, many of the realtor in Myanmar are so-called Brokers. However, since we are licensed Real Estate Agency our agents have basic informations and training given to provide the better service to our customers.
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